Thursday, August 5, 2010

the end of a busy summer

Ha wow its been a while since i've wrote on blogger haha a well it been a year really hahaha well i'll just have to write a bunch of tiny blogs to get everything in.


The family reunion was wonderful. For the first time ever all 10 of larry and pats children were there. i loved every moment of it. While we were there we went horse back riding, lots of swimming, zip lineing, ping pong and pool. best of all we got to spend quality time with the family. We had a ball and thanx to Aunty lani it was planned perfectly. :) I'm looking forward to the next family reunion hosted by Aunty Ruthy :)


My trip to kansas and texas was fun but filled with drama. but the fun part was seening all my family in texas and meeting my soon to stepmom. But the weather was terrible aside from raining all the time it was 100% humidity while i was there.


Girls camp was wonderful was filled with spiritual experiences i was really happy I went. I met allot of really nice people and got to see old friends and got a chance to cacth up and make our friendship stronger. well i think that about wraps everthing up ............ oh yeah my birthday well lets just say being 14 is a whole lotta funn ;) ahaha

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