Thursday, August 5, 2010

the end of a busy summer

Ha wow its been a while since i've wrote on blogger haha a well it been a year really hahaha well i'll just have to write a bunch of tiny blogs to get everything in.


The family reunion was wonderful. For the first time ever all 10 of larry and pats children were there. i loved every moment of it. While we were there we went horse back riding, lots of swimming, zip lineing, ping pong and pool. best of all we got to spend quality time with the family. We had a ball and thanx to Aunty lani it was planned perfectly. :) I'm looking forward to the next family reunion hosted by Aunty Ruthy :)


My trip to kansas and texas was fun but filled with drama. but the fun part was seening all my family in texas and meeting my soon to stepmom. But the weather was terrible aside from raining all the time it was 100% humidity while i was there.


Girls camp was wonderful was filled with spiritual experiences i was really happy I went. I met allot of really nice people and got to see old friends and got a chance to cacth up and make our friendship stronger. well i think that about wraps everthing up ............ oh yeah my birthday well lets just say being 14 is a whole lotta funn ;) ahaha

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mii Birthday!!!!!!

i am soo excited i will be turning 13 this saturday!! As most of you girls know turning 13 is a big step in a girls life! i mean it is the transformation of becoming a teen and with that comes more priviledges and opportunities. I cant believe that i am going to finally be a teenager! i feel like just yesterday i was sitting in mii room and mii lil sister was just born and i was playing barbies with mii friends. i guess when u look back you really cant believe how far u really have come.
Now just thinking about it along with all the good things that comes with turning 13 there are all the bad things. Like you cant get away with wearing something that is kookie and weird now people look at you like "WOW, either their your mom dressed you this morning or they really need to grow up" lol or like when you forget to do your homework and you say to your mom " well see what happened was i didn't understand what to do" and then your mom goes "you are 13 yrs old, i am pretty sure you know exactly what to do". But what i think the real truth is, is that our moms and dads just say that cuz if they make you feel like you were just trying to get away with it and avoid it, they dont have to look like a fool trying to help you out when in reality they don't have the slightest clue what to
well i dont want to write a whole story but i am sure you get mii point..ttys

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Oh my goodnes ok so on top of getting straight "A's" all year tomorrow i get to ride in a limo and eat at the M resort down town. I am so excited!!!!! I am going to get to miss 3 hours of school. So but the only bad part is that i am goin to have a horrible stomach ache when i get ya i just had to share that with every one. And also on friday Ali is goin on a field trip to a water park ( not an amusement park just a park with water sprinklers) so i will have my mom take lots of pics so that u can see just how silly Ali really

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Nephew...Isn't he cute

Ok so today something amazing happened.... My cutie nephew was born!!!! My sister (Candyce)( older than me). Yah so i just had to let everyone one know...i will try to transfer some pics from my phone to the iam so excited i will blog more later.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

random Tag

Well my fabulous cuzin Carly tagged me agin so here is goes.

6 things tag

1.Post the rules on your blog.
2.List 6 random things about yourself.
3.Tag 6people at the end of your post.
4.Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.I hate the feeling of wet carpet. It is like you are sitting in a mop. Yuck!!!

2.When my mom and dad were trying to find a name for my sister i was the one to tell them the name that would soon be my little sister. Oh ya by the way it was Alexandra. Mabey one day when she is older and popular because her name is Alexandra she will thank!!!JK

3.omg i love the smell of fabric sofener and any laundry solution.

4.I love going to the beach, if i could choose between going to the beach for 5 days or going to school for 5 day i would totally pick the

5.One time I walked in to a table at Sears.It hurt sooo bad ..and it was embarassing because a sales clerk walked by and asked me if i was probably was wondering if i was hurt because she wanted to see if i was going to sue
6.I love mixing my spagetti sause with surgar. I won't eat it any other way.Otherwise there is like a canny taste to the whole thing.

Well that wasn't so hard.Hmmmmmm ok who can i tag oh i know. I tag Aunty Ang.sorry i only have a certain amount blogs that i

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have been wanting to talk about our family for awhile now so well we have a very big family but it is always good because will always have someone that we can count on.
Well here are some pictures of some of my family no all of them though.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The letter "M"

Hey so my Cuz Carly sent me a tag and so now i have to say 10 things that i like that start with the letter M so here it goes.

1. MONEY (who doesn't)lol
2. Monkeys
3. My Mommy
4. Muffins (yummy)

5. Melons (especially in the summer)
6. Malted milk balls
7. Mochi Crunch (in popcorn or by itself it is good either way)lol

8. The MALL (when i have the money to shop there)lol..seriously
9. Movie nights (i know nights doesn't start with M but hey if you go back one letter in the alphabet you get M)lol
10. MISSIONARIES!!!!!!! (Ramon and Eathyn especially)xoxo

so there are ten things that i absolutely love
(By the way Carly picked my letter)
If you want me to send you a letter to start your letter blog just ask me .